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Toxic Tort Litigation

In chemical exposure cases, Plaintiffs often sue a large number defendants on theories of both premises and products liability. They then pool the defendants alleging a theory of cumulative exposure. It is not uncommon for plaintiff’s lawyers to prosecute a case against numerous defendants whose liability runs the spectrum from definite to non-existent. Depending on the venue, discovery in these cases can be lengthy and expensive. Too often, the focus in these cases is less on proving the plaintiff’s case against the defendants and more on demonstrating how expensive it would be for a defendant to defend the case, regardless of liability. Heard & Medack is experienced in this kind of litigation.  By drawing on this experience, we are able to fully and vigorously defend our clients, while minimizing the amount of time spent on recurring pleading and discovery issues.  Case management is also critical in cases with 100+ parties.  Because of our practical experience with these types of cases, we can aggressively defend our client, yet do so cost effectively.  In other words, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

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